Hugh Fawn is an NPC found in Roh.


Hugh has the personality of a General always commanding and tactically thinking of everything. Unfortunately, that doesn't extend to his services which he acts like a mercenary as he charges for his actions. He is loyal though and will do the job you've asked of him if you pay him the crystals not wavering even if offered more crystals. He tends to have a great hatred for those in power and spends most of his time thinking of ways to kill the king. 

He is quite rude and angry at times however and shows quite a lot of guilt for not facing the king and fighting the dragons.  


Hugh is a former soldier in the army from the Capital. He escaped with Alice once the dragons had been corrupted taking all the people he could and attempting to escape. This had left him with tremendous guilt at not being able to do more which has furthered his Soldier like behavior. He opened up the shop as a way to move past his training as a soldier and amass the means to return and take down the king. 

Likes and Dislike:

Likes: Horses, Alice, Crystals

Dislike: Soldiers, the king


  • Hugh nodded and pointed to the nearby counter. “Please just set them down over there. I don’t really have anywhere else to put them so I will need to make some room later on in the day.”
  • Hugh moved towards Sugar before she had the time to get out. “Excuse me, Miss! Your friend seemed to have walked out without his payment. Please do take this to him.


  • Unlike Alice or Fredrick, Hugh had never owned a dragon but owned mounts instead which he was very well versed in.
  • He's dreamed of owning a shop when he was younger but shifted it off because the battle was where he felt truly in control.
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