Gnoll Berserker is a type of Gnoll found in the Whistling Mountains.


Gnoll Berserkers are the largest of the brood. Big, strong and dumb is the name of the game. These brutish warriors live for the bloodshed of war.


Gnoll Berserkers become stronger the closer they come to death. Finish them swiftly, or a wounded gnoll berserker may be the last thing you see.

Special attacks

Name Effect Targets Description Dice
Rage + DC for each wound taken 1 The gnoll berserker does not fear death, he embraces it. Wounds will only anger him.
Whirlwind Damage AoE 1-3 The gnoll berserker spins his club wildly, battering anyone in range
Rabies Passive damage chance 1 With each successful attack the gnoll has a chance to inflict additional minor wounds
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