Giant Mossbacks are a type of chitin found in the Freoh Desert.


Peaceful giants, Giant Mossback have a heavily armoured carapace, protecting their soft innards from any potential predators. They're slow and cumbersome creatures, so the armour is needed to protect them in case of an attack. Six large feathery combs line the carapace, and they serve a multitude of purposes: they collect chemical information from their surroundings (much like a snake does with its tongue), allowing them to create a incredibly detailed map of their surroundings. The second purpose they serve is that they can release large clouds of poison spores, aiding in defence. The third and final thing is that they can release pheromones, to attract potential mates. They feed by using a proboscis which can dig deep into the desert, and extract food from there. Though, if they come across carrion they will have no issue eating that either. They can go extremely long times without food, in case of food shortage. Another interesting aspect is, like starfish and certain lizards, they can regrow parts of their body, more specifically, their legs and feathery combs.

They usually travel in small groups of 5-6 specimens, though once danger is near they will scatter, and use their pheromones to find each other back later. Eggs are deposited in the sand, and the larvae spent their lives in the sand, safe from most predators. Once they've cocooned, they'll surface and either join the nearest pack, or create one of their own.


Will generally be rather docile, but when someone gets too close they try and leg it, spewing spores everywhere.

Special attacks

Name Effect Targets Description Dice
Spore cloud DoT Everyone in the AoE Mossback Chitin releases a cloud of toxic spores
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