Frederick Grimory is an NPC found in Roh.


Frederick is an overprotective man who seems to have a fascination with Alessandra, his Aless. He can come off as a snake being protective over her and seems to hold grudges as well as lose his temper easily. He can be a bit cynical if you actually try to understand him.


Frederick is a long time friend of Marsa and controls the vault in which the crystal are stored in the Town of Roh. Once he was a powerful draconid tamer and now he is a banker. The dragon in which he once had was left to corruption when he helped Marsa escape the capitol city.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Alessandra, being in control

Dislike: Raier, and more Raier


  • Frederick was an interesting fellow, Ivory white hair, focused but tired eyes, and a small, plainly strange half smile, his timbre slacking from time to time as if it was a serpent coiling around his prey, this man, even if he looked young, composed himself like an old sage, as if he had spent more than one lifetime learning something he shouldn't, he looked so similar "yes? how may i help you?" he rose his eyes towards his, the tired orbs trailing from place to place, studying him "Work?" he scoffed softly "I see, without even a name to share?"
  • Frederick growled a bit and shook his head, "no. I think you need to leave..." He commented and then grabbed her away from him quickly. "You need to stop pushing yourself onto her. She is innocent and deserves not to be sullied by you..." Obviously he thought very highly of this girl, and obviously his feelings for her were the same as Raiers.
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