Eloise and Alphonse are a pair of NPC's found in Roh.


Eloise is kind and mother like with a sprinkle of odd. While Alphonse is devoid of emotions and seems to not care when anything happens.

They seem to think alike and often talk together when meeting new people.


The twins were never a part of the major city due to being cast out for dreaming and creating. They were able to strike fear into people with what they could do. They always lived in Roh and were excited when more people came because they were not alone anymore. Eloise is very kind while Alphonse is devoid of all emotion. They love each other to death and would do anything for each other.

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Eloise, crystal, dreams//Alphonse, crystal, dreams

Dislikes: Nothing


  • It took a moment but a woman with pink hair finally came out. She smiled, it was a very emotionless face and smile but she at least showed what kindness she could afford. "Oh, is it for me and the brother of mine?" She wore a dress that almost made her look like someone rich. She was a strange person and when she talked, there was always an echo from the back. "You can, bring it here please human.." Then she patted the counter and looked to the desk. There was something off about this woman but stared to go through her things for the payment
  • The both looked to the man and moved in unison as they observed him. "The E is not silent. It is Eloise, it is a stubborn E that will not go away.." A bit odd once more as the rest of the ten crystals were placed onto the counter.
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