Clara is an NPC found in Roh.


Clara is a strange bubble of energy and spirit who is reminiscent of a new age hippy. She has conversations with plants and her mood varies from moment to moment. She can go from frightened to angry to happy within the span of two moments. She tends to like watching people's reactions to her excentric ness where she tends to play up her creepiness. Deep down though she's a little bit lost and bored of her surroundings wanting to explore the world and see all of Mother Gaia's gifts. 


Not much is known about Clara other than the fact that she has lived in Roh for quite a while almost as long as the twins and that she seems to be the only one who can understand them. She was never a dragon rider and at one point was a normal adventurer who came from her world long ago. She's been in Wyrda for so long in fact that she seems to only vaguely remember what her old life was like and has even forgotten her last name!

Likes and Dislikes:

Likes: Gaia, Plants, Herbs, Healing, Reactions, Souls, Gifts, Amusing people, Stories

Dislikes: Humorless people, Rude people, Never ending questions and people who destroy forests for pleasure.


  • The blonde girl was sitting at her table in the back with a plant on the table that seemed to be a venus fly trap... or maybe a cactus... or both? It was questionable. Then she looked up with a smile and nodded a bit with a light following in her eyes. "Oh dear! Mother, they are here. The people you spoke about!" There were so many as she grabbed her plant and ran over. Obviously, she would go in order as she looked at them. "Alright, who is first?" She would question and then look to Raier and the bunny thing girl, whatever Clara thought she was. "Oh gosh! Yall were first, what in mother Gaia happened to yall?" Then she pointed to some chairs for the others to sit and wait. "Please be kind to-" She stopped and whispered to the plant, "yes, blood..." Then continued on.
  • Clara would the grab her plant and hold it up, "blood out!" She yelled and smiled at her plant's mouth opening. "Blood to feed my plant, please. In exchange for a new arm and also pain reliever." She looked excited, "oh, and a slash!" She would look at the bunny creature and bob happily up and down. "Bleed on the plant now."


  • Her Best Friend is Alice Fawn.
  • She likes waking people up to heal them not because it's necessary but because she likes looking at their reaction.
  • She seems to have a close relationship with the twins.
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